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What’s New in Version 3.0?

What's New in Version 3.0?

Version 3.0 is the first major update of the Federal Standard 595 Color Server since it’s introduction as a separate site.
This version has been introduced in March 2007.

New in this version

Basically, this version is an entirely new site with reworked layout and several significant improvements in the code, especially focused on the ease of use. New features include:

  • Color picker
    In search form, colors can now be selected visually from drop-down style palettes. These palettes will also make assembling multicolor samples a breeze.
  • Improved support for multicolor samples
    Multicolor samples can now be assembled more easily through point-and-click options rather than only by typing the corresponding color numbers in the search field. The Color picker feature is essential for this support, but options to Add another color and Remove color are now availle directly below the displayed samples.
  • Get this sample for your site
    This site is meant to be a resource whenever you need to refer to a Federal Standard color on your website or discussion forum. A permanent link to any displayed sample is now available for copying & pasting through the Get this sample for your site option (see link below the sample area to the right)
  • Background color
    The surrounding background of a color samples can now be set to any shade of grey from pure white to pure black in 10% intervals. This feature is extremely useful for asessing the blackness (darkness) of the displayed color.
  • Sample resizing
    Samples can now be displayed in four different sizes (designated S, M, L, XL) to suit your screen size.


  • Color Discussion Forum
    We now also have a discussion forum which hopefully will allow to resolve more specialized questions on a user-to-user basis. This forum is open to all users, no registration required.


  • Browse option
    Ability to browse through the entire FED-STD-595B color range. The samples have been enlarged for better viewing.


  • FAQ and Articles
    Answers to frequently asked questions as well as general information about this service have been grouped in this section. Our intention is to add new articles here in the future.