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Care of color chips

Care of color chips

Obviously, digital color samples and formulae as those produced on this site are immune to ageing. However, as mentioned elsewhere, should you  need an exact color match for a real-life finishing, matching against a physical sample is an absolute requirement.

Physical samples provide much more reliable means of visual matching, but an intrinsic property of all physical color chips is that the shades may change with time. Moreover, the effect of ageing is usually not consistent across the range of colors: some colors will change more than others.

Color change can be minimized by observing the following procedures.

  1. Store the color chips in a cool, dark place;
  2. Avoid exposure of the color chips to direct or scattered UV light or chemicals;
  3. Minimize exposure of the color chips to light from any source;
  4. Keep the color chips covered when not in use;
  5. Do not touch the face of the color chips.